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Set Includes 

  • Steam Seat
  • Yoni Steam
  • Yoni Oil
  • Vaginal Wash
  • Yoni Pearls (3pc/One Cleanse)

1 Free Pearl Applicator!


Yoni Oil Assist With :

  • tightness
  • Infection
  • rejuvenating the yoni
  • odor/sweatiness
  • regulates cycle
  • sexual arousal
  • can be used as sex lube

Vaginal Wash Benefits:

  • Use daily to help support a healthy pH balance.
  • Gently cleanses without drying effect
  • An anti-irritation effectiveness
  • Keeps away order & helps sweating

How To Use Yoni Pearl Applicator:

  • use 1 pearl at a time
  • use applicator to make sure pearl is in proper place so it can stay in place
  • get 1 applicator per pearl
  • never reuse applicator or yoni pearls


What are Yoni Pearls ?

Yoni Pearls are a herbal vaginal suppositories that assist with over all uterine care such as menstrual symptoms, cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, pcos, postpartum care, order tightness, infection, inflammation, and much more!! 1 applicator per Yoni Pearl.


What Are Yoni Steams ?

Natural blend dried of herbs. Steams are great for over all uterine care such as preventative care, odor, cramping, heavy bleeding, infertility, infection, cysts, post miscarriage, postpartum care, post abortion, hemorrhoids, cycle regulation, work for those who’ve had hysterectomies, tightness, wetness and etc.